About Us

Nice to meet you!

My name is Oriyah, I'm an Israeli-based artist in my 20's

Ever since I was young, I was always drawn to art.

Music, drawing, singing, painting, design.. you name it!

I loved watching nature and seeing the fine little details that make all things unique - little pieces of divine art.

As years passed by, I enjoyed art in all of its forms and was exposed to resin art! The vibrant colors, flowers, endless possibilities and ideas caught my attention and made me want to create in resin as much as I could!

After the tragic illness and passing of my dear father, who meant the world to me, I found comfort and refuge in my resin creations, trying to bring life and healing to my sad and broken heart. Blossoming life with flowers, colors, art and light - seeing that beautiful things can come out of pain and grief. And most importantly, loving myself during the painful yet rewarding process of it all.

Each piece of creation is carefully put together, selected and thoroughly picked in a process of feeling the different elements - putting together another piece of the puzzle and creating another little flower in the garden of my art.

Each piece of art holds a story like no other piece; it's cherished and is forever encapsulated in the heart of it.

Join me on the journey of self-love through art!